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      Veronique Davies is a self-taught artist and photographer born in Paris in 1979 and currently based in Rouen, France.  


      She worked in Camden, London for 5 years selling her photographs in her own her gallery, centring her practise on multi-layered urban photography. The play on transparent and opaque surfaces which is the focus of her photographic work influenced her  current painting approach, developing interactions between different layers and colours which either blend together or respond to each other. 


      She mainly paints in acrylic on canvas, but sometimes mixes different techniques, using acrylic, watercolour or ink, working in a spontaneous and intuitive way to evoke a certain feeling or emotion.


      June 2021: "Let the Sun Shine" Solo exhibition at Galerie Ephemere, Rouen, France

      June 2020: "Congruence" Online exhibition curated  by Bridgette            Mayer Gallery

      Feb-March 2020: Salon des artistes indépendants Normands

      May 2019: Red Factory Festival, Rouen, France

      March 2019: Pavi Art Fair, Italy

      January 2019 : Group exhibition - Rougier & Ple, Rouen, France

      2009-2014: Zest Gallery, London, UK

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